10th Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
Information gathered by John Griffin
(updated 23 November 2003)

In honor and remembrance of the ancestors who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten, this regimental history is dedicated to:

Daniel Henderson Jr., a Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle born in 17 June 1818 in Pulaski County, Georgia son of Daniel Henderson & Sally McBride. He married Fairby A. Whiddon on 18 November 1841 in Irwin County, Georgia. Daniel Henderson and wife settled at the place near the Alapaha river, where son Manasseh was born. He then moved west of Sycamore, across Little River, and settled within one mile of Pleasant Hill church. It was then a log house, which was utilized for school and church purposes. The congregation afterwards built a new meeting-house East of Sycamore, where it now stands, on the east side of Little River, several miles away from the old location. They remained on the place until the older children were grown and some of them married, when they took up their abode at Isabella for several years, where the younger children received their education and where Daniel represented Worth county in the legislature. In March1862, he joined the war effort and would served as the Captain of Company B, 10th Georgia Battalion. This company of 130 Worth County soldiers, was referred to as the "Worth County Rebels". His first service was guarding prisoners at Macon, Georgia. He was ordered to Virginia and served in the Army of Northern Virginia, arriving there just after the second battle of Fredericksburg. He led this company until sometime in 1863, when he resigned having been elected to serve Worth County in the Georgia Legislature in 1863-1864. Daniel did not return to the army as he was in the Legislature until the close of the war. Later Daniel and Fairby returned to their old home near Pleasant Hill church site. When old Daniel's health began to fail, and they decided to cross both Little and Alapaha rivers, to a place where Daniel had purchased land, near where Ocilla now stands. Daniel Henderson was taken sick at the home of Wiley Whitley (who served with Co F, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry), his son-in law, while the family was moving to Ocilla. He died on 8 February 1879 in Worth County Georgia. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0028, 00001369

Manasseh Henderson A first cousin, 4 times removed also served as a Captain of Company B, "Worth Company. Rebels". He was the son of Daniel Henderson Jr. & Fairby A. Whiddon. He served with honor and credit in the WBTS. After the war he represented Irwin county and served in both branches of the Legislature. He also served as a County Commissioner and active in several official capacities in the county He married Mary Young, daughter of Rev. Jacob Young. Shortly before his death, he lived to see the new courthouse built at Ocilla. He died at his old homestead near Ocilla, and was buried at Brushy Creek. He was noted as being one of the ablest, brightest and most enlightened men of his day, serving his county, state, and country National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record:000226, 0028, 00001572

John J. Filljaw was born about 1835. On 15 February 1866 John married my first cousin four times removed Julia Ann Tucker, daughter of Elisha Tucker & Zilpha Williams, in Berrien Co, GA. She was born on 9 March 1840 and died in Tift Co, GA on 20 March 1921. John was a member of Company B. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0020, 00003202

Elbert G. Fletcher was born on 13 April 1839 in Irwin Co, GA, the son of Joseph Fletcher Jr. and Mary Ann Hendley. On 10 February 1861 when Elbert was 21, he married (my second cousin three times removed) Catherine McMillian, daughter of John C. McMillian & Sarah "Sally" Paulk, in Irwin Co, GA. Catherine was born on 29 October 1839 in Irwin Co, GA, and died in Tift Co, GA on 4 November 1930. Elbert served in Co B of the 10th Battalion Georgia Volunteers and also for a period of time in Company A, 61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry. His record shows enlistment as a private 27 August 1861 61st Georgia. Discharged 27 July 1862. Enlisted as a private in Company B, 10th Battalion 30 July 1862. He was wounded and permanently disabled at Petersburg, VA 22 June 1864. He was paroled at Albany, GA 22 May 1865. Elbert died on 10 February 1890, he was 50. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0021, 00000708 and 000226, 0021, 00000709.

Berrien Hobby Born in 1824 he was the son of Andrew Hobby and Linda Sweat and brother to James N. Hobby. On 12 February 1852 when Berrien was 28, he married (my first cousin 4 times removed) Martha Dorminy, 1C4R, daughter of John Bradford Dorminy & Eleanor "Ellen" Paulk, in Irwin Co, GA. Martha was born on 18 November 1829 in Irwin Co, GA. And died on 23 December 1912. Berrien was a member of Company B, of the 10th Battalion Georgia Volunteer Infantry National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0029, 00002058

James Newton Hobby Born in 1835, he was the son of Andrew Hobby and Linda Sweat and brother to Berrien Hobby. On 13 February 1862 when James was 27, he married (my first cousin 4 times removed) Catherine A. "Kate" Henderson, daughter of Daniel J. Henderson Jr. & Fairby A. Whiddon, in Irwin Co, GA. She was born on 15 November 1844 in Irwin Co, GA and died in Irwin Co, GA on 10 February 1895. James was a sergeant in Company B of the 10th Battalion Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He died in service to the CSA in Lynchburg VA on 8 March 1863, he was 28. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record 000226, 0029, 00002062

James K. Paulk A first cousin 4 times removed the son of Jacob Paulk Sr, and Catherine "Katie" Henderson, was born 10 November 1829 in Irwin Co, GA. James died in Irwin Co, GA on 9 March 1902, he was 72. On 7 November 1850 when James as 20, he married Elizabeth HOBBY, daughter of Jesse HOBBY Jr. & Mary Marchant, in Irwin Co, GA. She was born on 4 December 1828 in Telfair Co, GA. Elizabeth died in Irwin Co, GA on 15 October 1922, she was 93. James was a member of Company E of the 10th Battalion Georgia Volunteer Infantry. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0047, 00002261

Stephen Tucker A first cousin four times removed, was the son of Thomas Tucker and Susannah Jernigan born about 1843. He was first claimed by Company D, l0th Battalion of Georgia Infantry. Rolls of that company show he enlisted 4 March 1862, he later enlisted as a private in Company A, 54th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, on 12 March 1863. He surrendered at Appomattox, VA, 9 April 1865. National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0061, 00001886

Jackson Ward Born on 22 January 1817 in Telfair Co, GA he was the son of James Preston Ward and Zilpha Kirkland. In 1839 when Jackson was 21, he married (my first cousin 4 times removed) Sarah DAVIS, daughter of Stafford DAVIS & Penelope "Penny" Lott, in Telfair Co, GA. Sarah was born on 9 October 1817 in Montgomery Co, GA. Jackson was a member of Company D, 10th Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Jackson died in Coffee Co, GA on 13 May 1901. Military: National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0063, 00000551

Formation and Organization:

The initial formation of the regiment came as the 3rd Battalion of Georgia Volunteers was organized 17 March1862 at Camp Stevens. Major John E. Rylander was the commander. William C. Tinsley was the Ensign, and the assistant quartermaster was J. W. Whitehead. Later it became designated the 10th Battalion of Georgia Volunteers The companies listed with this battalion and their company commanders are:

Company A, Macon County Guards, Macon County men; was organized at Lanier, Macon County, Georgia with Captain James D. Frederick, Lieutenant Caleb F. Hill, and Lieutenant David T. Maffett. Company A formed first to be part of the 3rd battalion of Georgia Volunteers at Camp Stephens, Georgia on 17 March 1862 but then was assigned as part of the 10th Battalion.

Company B, Worth Rebels, Worth County men, Captain Daniel Henderson, later his son Captain Manassah Henderson,

Company C, Zollicoffer Rifles, Sumter County men, Captain B.F. Bell

Company D, Whittle Guards, Bibb County men, Captain William L. Jones

Company E, Captain John L. Adderton.

Companies A-D were the originating units, but by order of Brigadier General Mercer, commander of the Department of Georgia, a 5th company "E" was added on 17 July 1862. The 10th Battalion of Georgia Volunteers was listed as assigned to Military District of Georgia, commanded by Brigadier General Hugh W. Mercer.


Born: 3 June 1827, Died: 24 June 1899 Macon County, Georgia Buried: Marshallville City Cemetery, Marshallville, Macon County, Georgia, Parents: Daniel Frederick and Caroline A. Rumph. James Daniel Frederick was a grandson of Jacob Rumph of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina, who was commanding officer of Rumph's Company Orangeburgh District Independent Cavalry under Colonel William R. Thomson, General Francis Marion being commander of that brigade during the Revolutionary War, subsequent to the Revolution he was Colonel of the 21st Regiment of South Carolina Militia for many years and in 1810 was Brigadier General of the 5th Regiment of South Carolina Militia. James Daniel Frederick married first Eliza Felder 25 November 1852. Children were Daniel Alfred Frederick, James Eugene Frederick, Louisa Ann Frederick, Victor Julien Frederick, and John Felder Frederick. From "History of Macon County, Georgia" the following is given: "Major Frederick was wounded in the Battle of Deep Bottom, August 16, 1864, and was sent to hospital in Richmond. A red hot iron administered without anesthetic into the gangrenous wound saved his leg, but left him with a slight limp. After the war he moved to Marshallville, where he lived until 1899, serving his county and state in many responsible positions. Major Frederick succeeded Colonel Willis as Commander of Macon County Confederate Veterans, which position he enjoyed until his death. He served as one of the Judges of Inferior Court from the year 1857, until Inferior Courts were abolished in 1868, except for years in Confederate service. When the Commissioner of Roads and Revenues was created in 1872 he was elected Chairman and continued in this office until his death. He represented the county in the Georgia Legisture in 1857-58, 1875-76, and 1877, and in the State Senate in 1882-83. For many years he was Vice President of the State Agricultural Society, which was a most influential organization of the day. A brave soldier, a useful citizen, a beloved man."

CORRESPONDENCE, ORDERS, AND RETURNS RELATING SPECIALLY TO THE OPERATIONS ON THE COASTS OF SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, AND MIDDLE AND EAST FLORIDA FROM APRIL 12, 1862, TO JUNE 11, 1863. CONFEDERATE CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.--#5 MILITARY DISTRICT OF GEORGIA. Brig. Gen. H. W. MERCER commanding: 8th Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Reid, 10th Georgia Battalion, Major Rylander. 25th Georgia, Company I. Captain Smith. 30th Georgia, Col. D. J. Bailey. 32d Georgia, Col. G. P. Harrison, jr. 47th Georgia, Col. [G. W. M.] Williams. 50th Georgia. 54th Georgia, Col. C. H. Way. 59th Georgia, Col. [Jack] Brown. Battalion Savannah (Georgia Guards), Major Screven. 4th Louisiana Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel McEnery. De Kalb Rifles, Captain Hartridge. 2d Battalion Cavalry (Companies D, E, and B), Lieutenant-Colonel Bird. Cavalry south of Altamaha, Lieutenant-Colonel Clinch. Effingham Hussars, Captain Strobhar. Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Captain McAllister. Lamar Raugers, Captain Brailsford. Liberty Independent Troop, Captain Walthour. Mcintosh Cavalry, Captain Hopkins. Partisan Rangers(battalion), Major Millen. Partisan Rangers (company), Captain Anderson. Partisan Ranger(company), Captain Banks. 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery, Major Leyden. 13th Georgia Battalion, Maj. [G. A.] Gordon. Chestatee Light Artillery, Captain Bomar. Columbus Light Artillery, Captain Croft. Echols' Light Artillery, Captain Tiller. Joe Thompson Artillery, Captain Hanleiter. Martin's light artillery, Captain Martin. Terrell Light Artillery, Captain Dawson. Light Battery Georgia Regulars, Company D, Captain Read. Savannah River batteries, Lieutenant-Colonel Anderson. Fort Jackson, Captain Anderson. Irish Jasper Greens, Company B, Captain O'Connor. Liberty Guards, Captain Hughes. Tatnall Guards, Captain Davenport. Troops at Carston's Bluff, Colonel Wilson.( O.R.-- SERIES I--VOLUME XIV)

The 10th Battalion, Georgia Volunteers remained at Camp Stephens until 14 May 1862 when it received orders to proceed to Macon, Georgia The battalion was sent there to guard several thousand federal prisoners at Camp Oglethorpe located near Macon and the supplies stored there.

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