16th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
Information gathered by John Griffin
(updated 23 November 2003)

It seems that there are no other links or information on the internet about this regiment.  I am posting some brief information from Confederate Military History and a bibliography on this regiment.  I do this in honor and remembrance of the men who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten.  They deserve more than I provide here, but it is only a start.  Contribution of information to better tell their story is welcomed.


The Sixteenth regiment Georgia volunteers was organized as follows: Col. Howell Cobb; Lieut.-Col. Goode Bryan; Maj. Henry P. Thomas; Adjt. T. W. Cumming; Commissary L. McGuire; Quartermaster R. Thomas; Capts. James S. Gholston (A), A.M. Reynolds (B), J. H. Skelton (c), J. N. Montgomery (D), B. E. Stiles (E), J. H. D. McRae (F), A. C. Thompson (G), N. Reeder (H), N. L. Hutchins (I), R. J. Boyd (K). The Sixteenth was another of the splendid Georgia regiments of the army of Northern Virginia, on whose many battlefields it gained distinction, being also one of the regiments that followed Longstreet through the Chickamauga and east Tennessee campaigns. Its colonel, Howell Cobb, became a major-general in the army of the Confederate States, and his successor, Goode Bryan, a brigadier-general, being succeeded as colonel by James S. Gholston. When Bryan was promoted to colonel, Henry P. Thomas became lieutenant-colonel, and being killed in action was succeeded by B. E. Stiles. Major Thomas was succeeded by James S. Gholston, and he by J. H. Skelton. Among the captains, Gholston was succeeded by H. C. Nash (killed), and he by J. M. Sims. Captain Reeder was succeeded by H. M. Richardson.


Company Organization of the 16th Regiment

Company A: Madison County men-Madison County Greys

Company B: Jackson County men-Center Hill Guards

Company C: Hart County men-Hartwell infantry

Company D: Madison County men-Danielsville guards

Company E: Habersham County men-Cobb infantry

Company F: Walton County men

Company G: Jackson County men-Jackson County Volunteers/Jackson Rifles, Oconee Volunteers

Company H:Gwinnett County men-Flint Hill Greys

Company I: Gwinnett County men

Company K: Columbia County men-Ramsey Volunteers


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The following manuscripts may be found in the US Military History Institute Archives:

Hutchins, Clarence L. - CWTIColl
Thompson, Augustus C. - LeighColl Bk 25: 77

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