17th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
Information gathered by John Griffin
(updated 23 November 2003)

It seems that there are no other links on the internet to information about this regiment.  I am posting some brief information from Confederate Military History and a bibliography on this regiment.  I do this in honor and remembrance of the men who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten.

When the Seventeenth regiment Georgia volunteers was organized, H. L. Benning was made colonel; W. C. Hodges lieutenant-colonel; Thomas Walker, major; T. A. Klink, adjutant; G. H. King, commissary, and T. C. Shorter, quartermaster. The captains were D. B. Harrell (A), H. L. French (B), F. S. Chapman (c), C. G. Campbell (D), John A. McGregor (E), D. B. Thompson (F), Augustus C. Jones (G), R. E. Kennon (H), C. W. Matthews (I), John H. Pickett (K). The Seventeenth was one of the many regiments that illustrated Georgia so gloriously on the battlefields of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, also at Chickamauga and in east Tennessee. Its colonel, H. L. Benning, became brigadier-general and was succeeded by Lieut.-Col. Wesley C. Hodges, upon whose promotion Charles W. Matthews became lieuten-ant-colonel, and upon his death in action W. A. Barden succeeded to the vacancy. Maj. Thomas Walker was followed by J. H. Pickett, W. A. Barden and J. B. Morris. Captain Harrell was succeeded by D. H. Wilmot; Chapman by J. B. Moore; Campbell by V. A. S. Parks and J. H. Martin; McGregor by J. N. Tyers; Thompson by H. McCauley and J. H. Weeks; Jones (killed) by A. B. Nichols; Kennon by W. A. Barden; Pickett by A.M. Jones (killed) and M. H. Marshall. This regiment had also an ensign, B. F. Shivers.


Company Organization of the 17th Regiment

Company A: Webster County men-Webster Rifles

Company B: Schley County men-Schley Volunteers

Company C: Muscogee County men-Columbus Volunteers

Company D: Decatur County men-Decatur Guards

Company E: Mitchell County men-Stephens Infantry

Company F: Muscogee County men

Company G: Dougherty County men

Company H: Harris County men-Harris Bartows

Company I: Stewart County men

Company K: Stewart and Webster County men-Webster Confederate Guards


Bibliography-17th Georgia Infantry

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The following manuscripts may be found in the US Military History Institute Archives:

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