25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
Information gathered by John Griffin
(updated 23 November 2003)

It seems that there are no other links on the internet to information about this regiment.  I am posting some brief information from Confederate Military History and a bibliography on this regiment.  I do this in honor and remembrance of the men who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten. 

When the Twenty-fifth regiment Georgia volunteers was organized, Claudius C. Wilson was made colonel; W. P.M. Ashby, lieutenant-colonel; W. J. Winn, major; R. E. Lester, adjutant, and W. D. Bacon, quartermaster. The captains were A. W. Smith (A), M. L. Bryan (B), J. Roberts (C), A. J. Williams (D), W. S. Norman (E), George T. Dunham (F), W. D. Hamilton (G), W. H. Wylly (H),  A. H. Smith (I), M. J McMullen (K), R. J. MeCleary (L). The Twenty-fifth, after being equipped and drilled, was assigned to the department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and throughout the latter part of 1861 and during 1862 served on the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina. In 1863 it was sent to north Mississippi, forming part of the army assembled for the relief of Vicksburg. In September of that year, being transferred to Georgia, in the brigade commanded by its colonel and in the division of W. H. T. Walker, it shared the perils and glories of Chickamauga. It participated in the Atlanta, Tennessee and North Carolina campaigns, surrendering with J. E. Johnston. Soon after Chickamauga Colonel Wilson was promoted to brigadier-general, but in the same month he died. W.J. Winn succeeded him as colonel of the regiment, and W. H. Wylly, who had been captain of Company H, afterward of Company A, and promoted major, became at the same time lieutenant-colonel, while Capt. A. W. Smith became major. Among other changes, R. J. McCleary, who had commanded the extra company, L, became captain of Company C; Captain Williams became lieutenant-colonel, and A. H. Smith of Company I took command of Company D; G. W. Holmes succeeded Norman as captain of company E; R. R. Young took the place of Dunham as captain of Company F, and was succeeded by J. R. Moore; J. C. Howell was Wylly's successor as captain of Company A; S. D. Bradwell became captain of Company H, J. M. Smith of Company I, and J. R. Cooper of Company K. The 1st confederate regiment Georgia Infantry, 1st Battalion Georgia sharpshooters, 25th, 29th, 30th, and 66th Regiments of Georgia Infantry were consolidated to form the 1st Confederate Battalion Georgia Infantry April 9, 1865. Surrendered at Greensboro, NC April 26, 1865.


Organization of the Companies of the 25th Regiment

Company A: Bryan County men-Bryan Independent Riflemen.  This company was successively designated 1st Company A, 2nd Company E, and 3rd Company B. The last roll on file is dated October 31, 1862. 

Company B: Screven County men-Black Creek Volunteers. This company was successively designated as 1st Company B, 2nd Company D, and 3rd Company G.

Company C: Milton County men-Warsaw Rifles.  This company was mustered into service for a term of six months and ceased to exist upon the expiration of its term of enlistment on January 22, 1862. A number of the members enlisted February 6, 1862, in "Emmett Rifles," which subsequently became Company F, 22d Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery.

Company D: Screven County men-Ogeechee Rifles.  This company was successively designated as 1st Company D, 2nd Company B, and 3rd Company K.

Company E: 1st Company E- Liberty County men-Lliberty Volunteers.  This company was successively designated as 1st Company E, 2dn Company G, and 3rd Company H.

Company E: 3rd Company E-Henry County Alabama men-Irwin Invincibles, subsequently called Henry Light Infantry-This company was organized in Henry County, Alabama. It was successively designated 3rd Company E, and 2nd Company K of the 25th Georgia InfantryIn December 1861, this company was ordered fromVirginia to Georgia by the secretary of war. It arrived in Georgia on January 12, 1862, and went into camp near Savannah, Georgia.  It was assigned to the 25th regiment Georgia Infantry on May 2, 1862.  A many of the members of Companies E, and K, were transferred to form 2nd Company I, 38th Regiment Georgia Infantry, which became 2nd Company A, 60th Regiment Georgia Infantry on February 28/March 1, 1863, and Company K, 61st Regiment Alabama Infantry on April 11, 1864. This company appears to have ceased to exist May 2, 1862, but a number of the members are accounted for at later dates. Commands to which they were transferred were not always found.

Company F: Liberty County Men-Altamaha Scouts.  This company was successively designated 1st Company F, and 2nd Company I.

Company G: Screven County men-Brown Light Infantry.  This company was successively designated 1st Company G, 2nd Company C, and 2nd Company F.

Company H: Chatham County men-Telfair Irish Grays.  While the records do not indicate whether the men were identical, the names of a number of men appearing on the company appear also on various companies of the 1st Volunteer Regiment Georgia Infantry (Olmstead's).  This company was successively designated as 1st Company H, and 2nd Company A.

Company I: Chatham County men-Bryan Guards.  This company was successively designated as 1st Company I, and 3rd Company D.

Company K: Macon County men-Wise Guards.  This company became Company B, 22nd Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery on November 26, 1862.

Company L: Calhoun County men-Calhoun Repeaters.  This company was successively designated as 1st Company L, 2nd Company H, and 3rd Company C.  It originally belonged to "Wise's Legion."  While serving in Virginia it was, by order no. 242, ordered to Savannah, Georgia and on January 8, 1862, was attached to the 25th Georgia Infantry.


Bibliography-25th Georgia Infantry

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