2nd Georgia Volunteer Cavalry
Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
Information gathered by John Griffin
(updated 23 November 2003)

In honor and remembrance of the ancestors who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten, this regimental history is dedicated to:

James C. Carlton, a fourth cousin two times removed he was born on 31 December 1833. He was the son of William Carlton and Harriet Hendry.  James married Piety Grantham, daughter of Benjamin Grantham. She was born about 1836. James served in Company I, 2nd Georgia Cavalry National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0010, 00002677

From Confederate Military History (Vol 6, Ch 6)

The Second Georgia cavalry regiment had at first the following officers: Col. W. J. Lawton, Lieut.-Col. Arthur Hood, Maj. C. A. Whaley, Adjt. R. F. Lawton; Capts. (A) G. C. Looney, (B) W. J. Lawton, (c) Charles C. Crews, (D) O. Winningham, (E) F. M. Ison, (F) Thomas H. Jordon, (G) W. D. Grant, (H) W. H. Chapman, (I) James W. Mayo, (K)J. C. Dunlop. This regiment was, like the First Georgia cavalry, with Forrest at Murfreesboro in July, 1862. It participated subsequently in the Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Knoxville campaigns; also in the Atlanta campaign in Wheeler's corps; fought in Sherman's front on the march to the sea, and finally in the campaign of the Carolinas. The following are some of the officers who succeeded those named above: Cols. Arthur Hood and C. C. Crews, Lieut.-Cols. J. C. Dunlop and F. M. Ison.


Bibliography-2nd Georgia Cavalry

The Compiled Service Records of the members of this regiment may be found in microfilm roll series M266. These film are available from the Georgia Archives.

Roll # CSR-9 Surnames A-C
Roll # CSR-10 Surnames D-J
Roll # CSR-11 Surnames K-R
Roll # CSR-12 Surnames S-Z

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