KiTA's Webpage

Not much here, just some links for now.  I haven't drawn in about 3-4 years, so, no real reason to bother keeing an art page up, eh?  Might try drawing again someday.

I read a lot of comics.  Maybe someday I'll write one as well.  Probably not, however.  Most of these are safe for work.  I will mark the ones that are not.  Some of them are dead, but I keep them here for historical reasons.  Anything bold I check pretty much every time it updates.
8-Bit Theater
Absurd Notions
Anti-Hero for Hire (By the artist of Adventurers)
Avalon High (Dead)
Bob and George
Chugworth Academy
College Roomates From Hell
Count Your Sheep
Dominic Deegan
El Goonish Shive
ElfLife (Dead)
Exploitation Now! (Dead / Completed)
GD Tangent
General Protection Fault
Get with the Program (Dead)
Guardian Angel (Dead)
It's Walky
Jar (Dead)
Kevin and Kell
Least I Could Do (Not always safe for work)
Loxie and Zoot (Not safe for work)
Not gonna take It (Dead)
Our Home Planet
Pastel Defender Heliotrope
Pawn (Adult)
Penny Arcade
PvP Online
Real Life Comics
RPGWorld the Comic (Dead)
Shawn's Web Blast
Sabrina Online
Shortpacked (By the artist of It's Walky)
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (By the artist of Jar)
Sluggy Freelance
Sokora Refugees
Tang's Vision
The Class Menagerie (Dead/Completed)
The Noob
The Suburban Jungle (Dead/Completed)
The Thin H Line (Very, very, very perverse!  Also dead)
The Wotch
Unicorn Jelly (Completed.  Artist now draws Pastel Defender Heliotrope, which is a sequel)
Userfriendly -- The Daily Static
Wendy: The Comic (Dead)

Art-type Stuff
Deciding not to link to any Japanese artist pages, as I apparently annoy them.  (Again, sorry Awatake.)  I have a huge variety of artists I have on watch status on DA, but, it would be pointless to link them here.
Kingmonster's DeviantArt (Artist of Synthea)
Tom Fischbach's DeviantArt (Artist of TwoKinds)
Fredrik K.T. Andersson's Elfwood Page (Artist of Pawn - Not safe for work!)
Tinami (Japanese artist search engine)

I am KiTA on these forums (and others):
Penny-Arcade's Forums
GUComics Forums
4chan (Has adult and clean section, not safe for work due to idiots)

Tech Crap
Pricewatch -- Street price search engine.  For finding cheap components.
Modemhelp -- For troubleshooting Dialup Problems.
Spazmatic -- Various OS and hardware Simulators.
2wirehelp -- 2Wire (new DSL modem) Simulator page.

I play a variety of MMORPGs.  Currently I am splitting my time between Everquest's new progression server and Asheron's Call.  I am Xaoten Ki on Harvestgain in AC, and was Kromdor of Morden Rasp in EQ.  Currently am Dagedan (Tolken Elvish for Batman) on Combine.  I have also played, at one time or another, Shadowbane, WOW, EQ2, DAoC, CoH, AC2 (Rest in Peace), AO, Planetside, SWG, Ryzom, Horizons, Guild Wars, Lineage 2, Dofus, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Earth and Beyond (Rest in Peace), Final Fantasy 11, Ragnarok Online, Rubies of Eventide, Second Life, and Ultima Online.

And yes, I am quite aware I need a life.  Thank you.

I am on about 15 IRC servers at any given time.  Username [KiTA].  #Dragonquest on EFNet is my primary hangout.