Munyu Heavy Industries

Munyu Site Redesign

Now 10% less ugly (Jan 26th, 2006)

I decided to redesign the site a bit to make it easier to read.  I borrowed a CSS script from the BlueRobot Layout Reservoir after fighting with CSS to make a 3 column setup for a few hours.  I also added links to our previous releases on Rapidshare.

CAGE 2 delayed.  (Updated) changes release date from 1/30 to 4/05 (Jan 26th, 2006)

The second book of CAGE, Suehirogari's latest work, has been apparently suffered a delay.  Today, changed CAGE(2)'s release date from 1/30/06 to 4/05/06.  This apparently confirms rumors that CAGE(2) was delayed which started earlier this month. Furthering these rumors is the fact that CAGE(2)'s cover has still not been revealed, which is highly unusual given that it is less than a week from release.  In addition, there are reports that there is a sticker announcing it was postponed in a shop in Akibatora.  However, the official Core Magazine release date page remains unchanged, referencing a 1/30/06 release date for CAGE(2).  More info as I find it...

Update 1/30/06:  It's offical, the Core Magazine release date page has been updated with a note, new release date is April 5th.  Ah well.