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Initially Released: 9/6/96
Death Rally v1.1 is here, from Apogee!

What is Death Rally all about? Death Rally is top-down view racing with weapons, sabotage, loan sharks, steroid drug runs and you can even run over pedestrians!! :-) Sound good? It also has 4 player network and modem play. If ya need some tips on below for my Death Rally strategies.

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  • 19 different tracks
  • 6 different cars
  • Each car is equipped with different weapons
  • Ugradeable Engines, Tires and Armor
  • Up to 4 player multiplayer
  • Over 20 megs of action packed animation 

System Requirements 

  • 486/66 Mhz Computer
  • 8 megs memory
  • A Local Bus Video display card 


  •  Pentium Computer
  • Sound Card
  • 16Mb of Memory
  • A fast PCI display card 

Rob's Death Rally Strategies

  • Play with weapons! Since you can't win any money when you place last, you need to weed out the competition. You can start out playing without weapons until you get the feel of the game, but you will do alot better with them.'s cool to waste the other cars. :-)
  • At the beginning of the race, lay back a little bit. Let the other racers use their weapon ammo on each other. Stay close to the fray, but make sure you are not in the line of fire. There is a 2 second delay from the start of the race until you can use weapons. Use that 2 seconds to position yourself.
  • Don't tailgate! You never know who's packing mines around. If you are going to attempt to pass a car, time your move in a way that you are not directly behind them.
  • In the Underground Black-market, attempt to get sabotage and mines whenever possible. Personally, I don't bother with spikes or rocket fuel. Lay your mines carefully. Make sure you put them all to use...use 'em or lose 'em. If you get someone tailgating you......mine their ass!
  • Upgrade at least 1 tire upgrade as soon as possible. Traction will help your control ALOT!
  • Get into the Dervish (truck) as soon as you can. The Vagabond is a dawg! It will get you a few points, but don't expect to get many 1st places in that car.
  • Use the TAB key to monitor your opponents damage. Pick out the weakest car and do your damage to it first. Wiping out opponents does a few things for ya. Firstly it will move you automatically into a position that get you some money!'s very cool to see that poor bastard go up in flames! :-) Lastly, if you wipe out all of the other cars, you get a bonus from the Grim Reaper.
  • Move into the $3000 race as soon as possible. This race pays ALOT more than the $400 race in the 2nd and 3rd positions. Once you've figured out how to eliminate at least 1 will be in a position to get higher finishing positions and therefore more money to repair and upgrade your car.
  • Stay out of the $12,000 race. Don't get cocky....This race is for registered cars. Expect to get lapped in this race. Even if you destroy another racer, once you get lapped, kiss all those cash bonuses goodbye baby!
  • Save your turbo boost until the end of the last lap. You can use a bit of it to get position in earlier laps as turbo will replenish itself slowly......but put your self in a position to win at the end of the race when it counts!
  • Get the large $ bonus whenever you see it! Don't concentrate on the smaller $ bonuses until you have eliminated at least 1 car. If it looks like you are not going to be able to at least place in the race you are in.....go for repair bonuses. At least you won't be spending as much of your cash on repairs.
  • Pay back your loans as soon as possible. The Loan Shark adds interest to your loans. Personally......I don't tend to do business with this guy. If you don't pay your loan back in time.....he's gonna put a hurt on ya.

Thanks to Scott Miller, I have added his tips for winning the registered version! These hints are things Scott has compiled for playing the game in easy mode, weapons on. Using these tips Scott has been able to beat the Adversary within 18 to 22 races.  

  • I'm able to buy a Dervish on my second race by blasting away the cars, plus getting 2% or less damage (which gives you the no/low damage bonus).
  • Immediately go to the medium tracks, and focus on killing the opponents every race. Get the mines and sabotage most races. Don't get tires! Only get engines. Buy a Sentinel when you can also buy one engine at the same time. Only take out a loan maybe once or twice a game. When you have the Sentinel stay on the medium tracks until you get both engines, then buy one tire upgrade (your first tires bought in the game), then go to the hard tracks. Save before doing this. Play the hard tracks about five times trying the win a race by killing the opponents--if this doesn't happen restore your game. Once you've gotten luck a few times and have some wins, you'll have enough money to get a Deliverator, skipping two cars. Then stay on the hard races until you place first, focusing on engine upgrades beefier buy a tire upgrade. You need all of the engines and two tire to beat the adversary. If you've done well you can buy one or two armors, but only for the Deliverator.
  • When you face the Adversary, get everything in the U-Market, and just kill that bastard! ;)

Thanks Scott for these additional tips!!

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